How to Stiff Arm Dessert

She looked at me expectantly as I took my third bite of dessert. The dessert was a Caramel Apple concoction, her favorite recipe and she had made it for our Committee Meeting.

I love the creamy, buttery loveliness of caramel. I rolled the creaminess around my tongue and put down my fork. Then I saw the look on her face and knew.

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that you reach the point in life when you can’t eat desserts like you used to. At the same time, every single meeting, event and meal of good hospitality included sugary wonders; I was in want of finding a way to gracefully back away from the dessert plate.

To help myself out, I developed the 3-Bite Rule.

The 3-Bite Rule:
When served a dessert, take 3 bites and 3 bites only.
Enjoy every second of those 3 bites.
And stop there.

Unless said dessert is the best thing you ever tasted in your life.
In that case, eat the whole damn thing.

Which takes us back to the Apple Caramel Flouf and my friend, her eyes wide, desperate to see me pick up my fork for the fourth time. Therefore, there is a Corollary to the 3-Bite Rule

The 3-Bite Rule Corollary:
Don’t ever tell another soul about the 3-Bite Rule.

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