The Right Thing is the Hard Thing

I always tell my kids that if they need help determining what's the right thing to do when faced with making a difficult choice, the right thing to do is almost always 'the hard thing.' When weighing your choices, the right one is the one that you want to run away from. It's the choice... Continue Reading →

Decision Making is a Skill

Dither, Dither? Several years ago, the leader of a small company I worked for was looking to fill an executive level position and had identified a strong candidate among a group of good candidates. The team was weighing in on the pros and cons of making an offer to the strong candidate. After the typical... Continue Reading →

Introducing:  The 17 out of 20 Rule There are long hills, there are steep hills and there are damn hills. Each is a challenge in its own way. The path I run has a section with a long low hill, followed by a steep hill. The steep hill levels off to cross a road and on... Continue Reading →

Dear New Parents: A Warning

I was one of the few people I knew who didn’t find out the sex of my child before she was born. My rationale: humans have had to wait for the moment of birth for thousands of years, why not me? What is the benefit of knowing against a mystery that connects you to the... Continue Reading →

The Theory of the Brown Couch

The Brown Couch "When you try to be everything to everyone, you get a brown couch." Growing up, I always believed our home was beautiful. My parents had lived in Japan early in their marriage and our living room was accented with Japanese chests and pottery, an old hibachi served as their coffee table. The hibachi... Continue Reading →

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