Writing? It’s a Joke

Writing is a discipline for me, like running. Like those who feel a runner's high, I can find a peaceful flow focusing the words in my head to form a sentence in black Times New Roman with metaphors marching in formation or laying around at ease. Mistakes begetting experience, experience begetting skill, skill giving way to unconsciousness...

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The Third Third

In my early seventies am I really going to be gunning to get that second home, crank out an Iron Man, buy a boat, publish a book? I still have those last 30 years, the third book in the trilogy, what I call the 3rd 3rd of life. How to use that last thirty years given that

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Daily Affirmations?

I got in a spat with my sister. As we assembled chicken salad sandwiches, we found ourselves chatting on the topic of journaling. My journaling process is a riff on the Tim Ferris model. She's more Ryan Holiday.  Overall, our individual journaling processes and techniques are simpatico. No irreconcilable differences, then this:

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How to Human: A Live Demo

As the next presenter took the stage, I walked down the stairs of the dais and down the aisle, past all the bankers, hardly believing it was over. I just wanted to stand at the back of the room and decompress. As I got to the back of the room the guy with the mustache, the lead of the food service team, was waiting for me.

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Alive. Yes. I am.

You don’t think so now. But you will crash. It will be deadly. It will be on an unforgiving, lonely and spare mountain top. You will look around for resources and there will be cold, barren, frozen snow. There will be avalanches. You will be starving.
What will you do?

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