Adulting – 5 Simple Steps to Actual Adulting

My 26 year-old daughter said to me the other day, “Adulting is hard.”

I’m not sure when being an adult became a verb linguistically, but in real life, it has always been a verb.  Being an adult is just that – a state of being, not to be confused with a numerical age.

So, since adulting truly is hard; how do you know if you are actually being an adult or not.

Adults do five things:

  1. They provide shelter for themselves.
  2. They provide their own food.
  3. They provide their own transportation.
  4. They insure against liability so that if they harm someone else they can take responsibility
  5. If they have debts, they make regular payments with a plan to repay.

Are there exceptions to the list? Sure. But if you are able bodied and you can figure out Instagram and are older than twenty-five and you are missing one or two of the five, you have work to do and you should know that other people’s respect for you is diminished. Other people may not think you are being adult. More importantly, inside yourself you will know that you are not adulting, you are kidding yourself. See what I did there?

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